Artist Statement


“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”  Marcel Proust

“Were my Master to grant me but a single glance through these sightless eyes, I would without question choose to see first a child, then a dog.”  Helen Keller

Once it was believed that memories, after being formed by complex molecular interactions, were fixed.  They were stored, and could sometimes be recalled, in a process known as “consolidation.” However, neuroscientists have now demonstrated what Proust knew years ago, that memories change over time. Specifically, the act of remembering something may cause the memory to be altered, “reconsolidated.”

My recent work, the mixed media series, “Landscape of Memory,” explores this dynamic process of memory by linking and layering disparate scenes from my life to create new images. Unlike my earlier works, which attempted to capture the present moment in order to concretize a memory, these pieces play with the mutability of memory. Painted landscapes of places I remember form the ground for photographs I took of my children a decade ago, our ancestors, and our animals (living and dead).

My hope is that through this process the images acquire a sense of universality, a sense of both the loss and the beauty inherent in the passage of time.